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Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend

All good books start with a plan

Why join this course?

You will go from no idea to finding the right book, getting it planned and outlined - in simple steps

AND... You will be ready to write your first draft

Having a book is one of THE best statements you can possibly make about your expertise and your knowledge.

You open the door to speaking opportunities, and potential clients will seek out your expertise. You can use your book to create other products and services - online courses, coaching, retreats, training and workshops based on the principles in your book, and your personal story can be shared to help others.

What this course will give you

In this course, I am going to teach you how to plan your non-fiction book in a weekend.

You will go from no idea to THE best idea for your book, right now. You will have:-

  • Your book plan
  • Know what other products and services you can create
  • Book outline
  • Chapter framework
  • Your book proposal started
  • The framework which will make writing your book easier

My desire is to make writing a book simpler and as stress free as possible.

  • If you have ever wondered how to get started on becoming a published author and writing a non-fiction book, then this course is for you.
  • If you have been writing your book for a while and it is now in a mess, this course is also for you.
  • If you want to write a book that you can turn into other products and services and use it to build your personal brand, this course is for you.
The BEST way to write a book is to plan it out first. Plan your non fiction book in a weekend provides you with videos, worksheets and a process to ensure that you can get your book out of your head and planned, written, edited and published.

Who is this course for?

It’s designed specifically for people just like you

  1. You may have the title executive, coach, leader, consultant, trainer, speaker and business owner – who may already be writing. You have a personal story, knowledge, skills, expertise and content. You want this book to create a legacy, support others and help you to build your brand and credibility.
  2. You may be in a corporate role and looking to move into entrepreneurship. You know that writing a book and building your brand while still in your job will help you when you take the leap. You want your book to give you a head start.
  3. Maybe you have a blog, or you contribute to Facebook or LinkedIn groups? You want to package your existing content into a book and raise your credibility.

It’s not just about the book, it’s about the impact you can have with a book

And it's about the transformation that you will go through as you write your book. Because you will change. You will gain clarity. You will be a different person on the other side...

Writing a book is not just about the book. It's one of the most powerful personal development experiences you will have.

Which is why I will be by your side on this journey - to help you enjoy the process, celebrate and to support you.

What will this course give you?

During the course, I will walk you through my proven process so that your book is built on a strong foundation. The process will give you:
  1. Clarity
  2. Confidence
  3. Strategy and a plan
  4. Structure, outline and chapter framework
  5. Your reader
  6. Content
  7. Tools to make the process easier
  8. Resources to keep you on track

Enrolling on Plan Your Book In A Weekend means you are not alone. You have all the help and support you need to work out what your book is going to be about and to map out the book that will help you step into your expertise and get noticed.

Certificate and interview

At the end of the course:-

  1. You will receive a certificate of completion. All you have to do, is take the course, plan and write your book.
  2. Send me the link to your book and I will send you an author interview form which will be turned into a blog. After which I will invite you to join me on where we discuss and promote you and your book.

What are you waiting for? Is this the year you are finally going to get your book finished?

Yes? Great you are in the right place. Enrol now and let's get that book out of your head, planned, written and published.

Course curriculum

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All lectures come with comprehensive notes and you will have access to the online support group.

Plan your book: Take the 7-day challenge