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Designed to support your author journey!

You want to kick start a book project, you don't want to commit to long programs, you want to to get your book planned, written, edited, published, marketed and productised in chunks.

Simple book projects, beautifully executed from your heart to your readers heart

Writing a book should be fun. Writing a book should come from your heart. Writing a book should inspire you. Writing your book will be life changing. Make this the year that you write your book.

Plan, pen and productise your book


short, sweet and powerful

Have you found that you have a book project that just keeps stalling? Maybe it started out being easy and you felt truly inspired, but somewhere in the middle you lost your motivation and direction.

Soon the book project that once inspired you has been parked and you are left wondering how you will ever get done.

Book projects often work better when they are broken down into smaller chunks. 

LIVE events are designed to inspire you and your book project.

Write the right book LIVE

No idea or maybe too many ideas for your book? No structure? No clue about how to outline? Confused about how to write for your ideal reader?

Plan your book LIVE (1)

Get your book out of your head and planned so that you can write the right book. Over 30 days you will:-

  • check
    Find the right idea
  • check
    Align your book, brand and business
  • check
    Get it outlined and the chapter framework designed
  • Be ready to write (we will do a test write)
  • Lifetime access to the content

Blog your book LIVE

You have your book outlined, you want to write it fast and build your brand. You want to get feedback before you get to the final manuscript.

Blog your book LIVE

Get your book out of your head and planned so that you can write the right book. Over 30 days you will:-

  • check
    Create a content plan.
  • check
    Blog and write daily.
  • check
    Get 30,000 words or more written in 30 days.
  • Be ready to edit.
  • Lifetime access to the content

Turn your book into a course - LIVE

Your book is written and you are ready to maximise the content. You want to turn it in the most effective way into an online course.

Book to course LIVE

Learn how to create an online course from your book, making sure that you engage your readers and students in the most compelling way.  Over 30 days you will:-

  • check
    Turn your book (or almost book) into a course
  • check
    What equipment and how to use it most effectively
  • check
    Be able to take any chapter and turn it into course materials
  • Get it planned, outline and ready to record (we will do materials testing)
  • Lifetime access to the content

Kick start your memoir LIVE

You want to explore the chapters of your life so that you choose the right memoir to write.

Kick-start your memoir LIVE

This masterclass will see you delving into many corners of your life so that you can uncover the memoir you want to write. Over 30 days you will:-

  • check
    Unlock hidden memories
  • check
    Ignite your passion for writing
  • check
    Discover which slice of life you want to write about
  • Be ready to plan and write your memoir
  • Lifetime access to the content

All of these LIVE events run for 30 days - NO LONGER. You come to specifically get something done around your book, so that you can move on to the next stage of your book project with EASE.

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While you wait, watch write the right book videos

Keeping your book projects short, sweet, simple and successful

What else?

  • Resources
  • coaching
  • Time needed
  • critque

You will be invited to upload your 'assignments' and with lots of other people in the group, you can be sure of good feedback.

Because of the size of the group, I'm not able to read and critique your writing, or watch course videos for example. However, I'll be encouraging everyone to support each other.

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