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Dale Darley - Coach | Writer | Author | Strategist

Inspiring entrepreneurs to write the right book, design a profitable product roadmap & brand

For as long as I can remember stories and words have been inspiring me. I no longer play out my stories in the garden being both the princess and the warrior working out the best strategy for protecting the Kingdom. Today, I am fully immersed in my passions for writing, strategy, and teaching all things books (and beyond) - planning, writing, editing, publishing, strategy and branding at the Soul Writers Academy. A place where people with soul come to write.

Books and stories of courage inspire me. People who want to make a difference are my kind of people.

Working with people who write with soul

Project work: The book leadership program. A leadership program with a difference that supports a wide range of team and individual skills in your leadership team, which also produces a brand asset - your corporate book.

Writing for you - I am skilled in a wide variety of subjects, particularly interested in leadership, software, women's issues, health and well-being.

Making an impact with your stories, knowledge, skills and experiences is not just about the book, blog, whitepaper, courses, retreats it is about how your wisdom and story fit with your core message, mission and vision.

My job as your book writing coach & strategist is to inspire you to be more than the little voice that says 'who am I to write a book? My role is not only to support you through this process but to also help you turn your book and message into something more than the book - your brand.

What would it mean to you to get your ideas out of your head, a book written and published and new products and services created? What about strategy formulation? What about your brand?

As a book writing coach & strategist, I support you with:-
★ Getting your ideas out of your head & deciding on the right book
★ Translating ideas into an outline and chapter framework 
★ Mapping your plan & product roadmap 
★ Supporting for the whole process
★ Project managing strategy implementation
★ Development of your personal brand planning and marketing support

I promise to make it simple to uncover what it is you want to say, why you want to share, how to write the right content, what kind of products and services are possible, in a way that resonates with who you are and how you want to be known.

Book writing coaching is available 1-2-1 or at the Soul Writers Academy. A place where people with soul come to write. We, plan, write, edit, publish, strategise and brand you. 

Stories that rock us

Stories can crush us or we can rock them. I’ve lived the story of low self worth, no confidence, no self esteem, self hatred, workaholic, over achiever, stressed, lost, confused, bewildered and many other unhelpful adjectives.

Today, I live the story of me and us and it feels so much better now that I am able to honour, respect and love me.

These are my values

  • Justice and fair play
  • Freedom
  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Adventure

Qualifications and other stuff

Pretty cool for someone who was expelled from school…

  • MBA
  • ILM (institute of Leadership & Management) Level 7 Executive Coach & Mentor
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Reiki 1,2 & Angelic
  • Crystal Therapist
  • Nutritional Healing Therapist (Naturopathic)


This is who you are

You are unique. You have a story to tell which has changed your life and now you want to support others to find that same inner peace and contentment.

  • You are ready to embrace your stories and open up to your divine inner wisdom
  • Committed to your growth and expansion and to those that you are connected to​
  • Willing to take responsibility for your 'stuff' in order to expand and EVE-olve
  • Open to receive support and to be fully present in this work​
  • Open to feedback and ​committed to taking action

When we work together

When we work together I will listen to your story without judgement. I will be open minded and respectful of where you want to take it.

Together we will explore the possibilities of being you and decide on the right vehicles to convey your story and inspirational message.

I work with my clients to help them to reconnect to their stories and take control of their identity so that they can be seen and heard.

Creating an impact around your personal brand is what is important - the products come later.

I promise to make it simple to for you to share your message, in a way that resonates with you. We’ll do things like a review where you are and where you want to be. Create a strategy that maps to the outcomes you want. Help you to map your book out and get it written.

Plan your book: Take the 7-day challenge