Soul Writers Academy

Welcome to the Soul Writer's Academy

For writers with soul, who want to write a book, create a business that they love and build their brand

LIVE events

30 day LIVE mastermind projects which mean you get things done NOW without any long drawn out processes.

All masterminds are for 30 days and cover:-

  • Plan your non fiction book
  • Blog your book
  • Turn your book into a course
  • Kick start your memoir

Come and join me for 30 days and finish your projects fast.

The Big Book course bundle for just €27, per month

All course bundle includes:

  1. Create a business you love
  2. Write the right book and proposal
  3. Plan your non-fiction book
  4. Overcoming writers' block
  5. Blog your book in 30 days *
  6. Edit and publish your book*
  7. Market your book *
  8. Turn your book into an online course*
  9. Support Group

* All current live courses and everything that is in the pipeline marked with a *. You can access all of the courses for one monthly fee.

Support includes

  • As new courses are created these will be added to your bundle
  • 24 hour/365 days access to all online courses, so that you always know what to do next
  • Support and accountability group, so that you are never alone
  • Regular Q&A / Office Hours sessions
  • Motivation and support from your peers

The value of the current bundle is €810

121, Courses and Masterclasses

Non-fiction book discovery session

Sounding board session - 121

Plan your book masterclass

Take the 7 day plan your book challenge

Plan your non-fiction book

Plan your non-fiction book online course

Overcoming writers' block

Overcoming writers' block online course

Write your book proposal online course

plan your book masterclass 121

121 coaching - work with Dale

create a business you love

Create a business you love online course

business planning

Kickstart your memoir

Your YOU Brand

Blog your book

Also coming soon. Blog your book in 30 days. Market your book. Turn your book into an online course.

Plan your book: Take the 7-day challenge